Garlic Parm Butter Steaks

This is the ultimate “cooking without a recipe” recipe. Buy a steak, cook it, top with butter. We dare you to find a steakhouse that does it better!

  1. Season 1 ½ inch boneless or bone-in steaks with salt and pepper on both sides. Allow to rest, uncovered at room temperature for 15 minutes before cooking.
  2. Cook steaks uusing your preferred steak cooking technique: grill, pan sear then finish in the oven, sous vide then sear, whatever speaks to you. The simplest method: pan sear in hot butter and oil until your desired internal temperature is reached, 3 to 4 minutes per side for rare, longer for medium rare and medium.
  3. Remove to a plate to rest. Top each steak with one to two medallions of Medlee Garlic Parm Butter.
  4. While the steaks rest, cook some Medlee Lemon Herb Asparagus. Delicious grilled then tossed in butter or wipe out the skillet you cooked the steak and follow the asparagus recipe for a one-pan meal!
  5. Slice steaks. Add more Garlic Parm Butter if desired. Enjoy!
Garlic Parm Seasoned Butter

Garlic Parm Seasoned Butter

Sauté Starter or Finishing Flavor