Salted Farmhouse Butter

Could butter be any better? Only if you start with better cream. Our 100% dairy whey cream is why our Farmhouse Butter is richer and creamier, with a deeper flavor. This is gourmet goodness.

Farmhouse Butter is steeped in the European tradition of butter made using whey that comes from the cheese-making process. This whey is a byproduct of the dairy cycle, which means it’s highly artisanal, upcycled, sustainable, and highly flavorful.

By using upcycled whey cream, we’re maintaining the tradition of resourceful food making while also reducing our environmental impact. Making use of the entire dairy cycle is part of our industry’s rich history, and we’re proud to continue it with Medlee’s Farmhouse Butter.


Pasteurized whey cream, salt. CONTAINS: MILK